Presently, SWM provides full Commercial and Corporate Management, and Technical Management services for 10 vessels built 2001-2006, with single purpose vessel Owner structures in Panama, Malta, and Marshall Island, with vessel flags of Italy and Panama, and with finance in part being arranged by Banks, Equity & Sovereign Funds. 

The Corporate Management service agreement includes the full scope of managerial oversight functions associated with an executive suite of officers, such as work executed by a CEO, COO, and CFO.

Evaluate and report relevant information, relating to the vessel and material events relating to the Company, to the Board.

Corporate affairs, forward notices to convene Board meetings, as well prepare agenda and circulate board material, minutes etc.

Commercial reporting, supply the Board with quarterly brief of current operational income and expense and make valuation whether in line with market estimates for earnings and operation expenses.

Monitor and review reporting from the Technical Manager, monitor vessel OPEX actual versus budget performance, and take pro-active measures when considered prudent.

Liaise with auditors and Sea World Management (SWM) accounts department to prepare budgets, interim accounts quarterly, and annual reporting and book-keeping statement and liaise with auditor.

Manage communication with Creditors and Banks, and monitor the Company´s compliance and contractual obligations.

Debt financing, monitor market for optimal timing and availability of debt financing, as well prepare lender pitch including market overview, cash flow forecast etc.

Appoint external advisors or instruct legal advisors, auditors etc.

Monitoring of insurance for the vessel, such as H&M, War Risk, and P&I, as well oversight, handling and settling of claims.

Dealings with vessels Class and Flag state.

The Commercial Management service agreement includes in broad terms anything a Chartering and Operational department will be involved with, which will have to be done on a daily basis irrespective of whether the vessel is on TC, BB, spot market or POOL/Revenue sharing, and functions basically to protect Owners position, optimize income, and “shadow” the vessel’s trading, such as, but not limited to;

Arrange for vessel employment whether spot, TC, Pool or BB employment, as well maintain strong global network and use market intelligence to optimize negotiation position for next employment, irrespective of type.

Monitor employment opportunities, maintain access to premium employment whether spot, TC, Pool or BB employment, if trading spot and in Pool, then "shadow” the vessel’s commercial performance – seeking triangulation trades and optimizing the laden/ballast ratio.

Understand the vessel’s design and the operational constraints to take advantage when calculating cargo intake, purchasing bunkers, etc. to optimize earnings.

Maintain daily contact with the Master and check daily noon reports, vessel logs and port turn-around, including monitoring vessel speed/performance records, with weather routing guidance to avoid speed/performance claims and to optimize voyage results.

Monitor and schedule vetting inspections with vessel’s Technical Manager, follow up to avoid TC contract claims, and always have flexibility to cater for the high end of market earnings.

Monitor other TC or trading related matters which could be leading to off-hire situations, maximizing the number of trading days, as well limit off-hire claims.

Have designated PIC as well as emergency procedures ready on Owner’s side if an accident should occur with or involving the vessel.

Contact Owners P&I club when considered prudent, and coordinate and make available necessary resources to correct the situation swiftly and economically.

The Corporate and Commercial Management team includes:

Roberto Corvetta

He established Sea World Management SAM/Monaco in 1990 and he is currently the Company’s CEO. Prior to co-founding SWM, Roberto was since 1985 heading up the commercial activities of Societa Commerciale Marittima with a fleet of 40 tankers. Through the years, Roberto has managed more than 240 tankers, with full Technical, Commercial and Corporate oversight, and maintains a special focus on the refined Petroleum, Vegetable and Palm Oil trade.

Thomas Huge-Christensen

Senior finance professional with +17 years progressive experience with finance, strategy and management from the shipping & energy industry. Previous roles include VP Head of corporate finance & treasury with GasLog Ltd., a leading NYSE listed LNG shipping company. Thomas originally started his career at A.P. Moller-Maersk where he was head of Strategic Planning – M&A at Maersk Tankers. He holds a M.Sc. Degree in Economics from University of Copenhagen and has completed courses at Harvard Business School.

Jonathan Koren

Joined SWM in March 2017 as commercial manager. Previously, he was a Sr. Operator with d’Amico Tankers. Prior to shipping, he held senior consulting positions with Booz Allen Hamilton, Raytheon, and BearingPoint Inc. in Washington, D.C. for the United States government in the realm of national security and international affairs. Jonathan holds B.A. and M.A. degrees from the Johns Hopkins University, and has completed courses at UCONN and University of Monaco schools of business.